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Hello dear visitor! I´m opening new english language website at in near future! Before that, in short I am wedding photographer from Snowcastle city of Kemi Finland with two decades of experience photographing most memorable days of loving couples lives - their weddings. I´m known for my emotional photos and been shooting weddings all around Finland and abroad also for example in Tuscany Italy (background photo), Stockholm Sweden, ect..


My ultimate full day wedding package costs 3000€ incl. taxes and mileage to anywhere in Finland. You only have to reserve accommodation for me if your weddings are arranged in some special venue. If you have weddings elsewhere, please ask me for price! I usually arrive at venue one day before and leave the next day. During my time there I will make full photo documentary of your unforgettable day. I also have full studio equipment with me , so we can set up a studio for wedding portraits if theres just enough free space, and when you're in Lapland, it´s of course Important to take wedding portraits outside in amazing northern nature! 

As a result, I will give you long lasting photographic memories in form of digital files, beautiful wedding book and I will also make a video of your wedding photos.


Please contact me and ask more with contact form below! I hope I´m still available for you!  

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